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With the kingdom in turmoil over this, Odejinmi finds out that his betrothed, Moremi is in love with Diekola, and in his bid to kill Diekola, he kills a trainee priest in error thinking it was Diekola. When the dead body is found floating in Ijimirin, the river of life whose waters will be used to wash the king’s body before burial, all hell breaks loose. The culprit has to be found and punished, else the King will not be buried – and an unburied King will bring pestilence and death to the Kingdom

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Godwin Afuekame
Godwin Afuekame
4 months ago

Good day guys I just found your website ND I must commend u guys for the good work…pls keep it up and do more.
Pls upload this movies
1 Devil in agada
2 cakes
3 before Valentine’s
4 Ditour
5 online
6 shanky town
7 slient Baron
8 Blackout Nigeria action movie 2021
9 the order of things
10 Africa Messiah 2021
11 women and lies
12 Allen poza 2012
13 Hoodrush 2012
14 surulere 2012
15 Ritnik 2019
16 Tiger tail 2022
17 black rose
18 brotherhood
Thank you guys looking forward soon